Lead Engineer – Automation

  • Information Systems
  • LONDON, United Kingdom

Lead Engineer – Automation

Job description


LMAX Group is a FinTech company that designs, develops, builds and runs leading edge financial exchanges in major financial centres around the world, specialising in both fiat and crypto-currencies. We're growing and expanding into new areas and need you to help us.

We want an energetic and passionate engineer to bring new skills and perspectives to complement our Information Systems team. We are made up of Systems, Networks and Security Specialists whose job is to build and maintain LMAX's infrastructure, enforce regulatory compliance, and provide a stable platform for our state-of-the-art trading engine.

Our core product is ultra-low latency, high frequency trading platforms. We also handle a lot of market data. Thus, we run a lot of bare-metal servers.

We expect your experience will shape the way we work and the choices we make. We want you to work with the existing team to improve ourselves, make us faster, and to teach us new skills and approaches.

This should describe you

Strong communications, requirements gathering, cost-benefit analysis, self-management and project management skills. You'll be able to talk to both technical and business people. You may have lead teams in the past, or you are interested in moving into a leadership position in the future.

You've managed large Linux estates, Fedora/RedHat/CentOS is better. You’ll be comfortable working with hardware, or happy to learn. We love Open Source, we support and contribute to it. We would expect you should too.

You love automating and optimising. It could be automation of deployments, or little scripts that make your colleague’s jobs just that little bit easier. You have an SRE / analytical mindset, always asking “How do I measure this? How do I test this?”.

What your focus will be

  • Support, monitoring and reliability of our ultra low latency trading platform
  • Data-driven monitoring and observability (Grafana, InfluxDB, Splunk, Prometheus, etc)
  • Pair working with Systems, Networks, and Security Specialists
  • Advise on areas of improvement, gather requirements, estimate, and implement
  • Automation that increases the velocity of the team


You will bring some of these skills, but more importantly you're interested in some of the others

  • Configuration management (we use a lot of Puppet)
  • Coding, preferably Python
  • Infrastructure-as-Code / DevOps culture practices 
  • Supporting CI/CD delivery pipelines
  • Stronger than usual networking & TCP/IP
  • Performance engineering, kernel and OS tuning
  • Hardware, data centres, & physical infrastructure design
  • Familiar with Cloud automation, and different services & providers
  • Worked in a Finance, FinTech, or high-frequency trading environment

What the wider team does, so you know what you’ll be helping us achieve

  • Provisioning physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure for a wide variety of business requirements
  • Supporting client facing and internal infrastructure with a variety of OSs and software
  • Business as Usual support and resolution of incidents
  • Puppet development and testing in a continuous deployment process
  • Scripting and automating processes to ensure consistency and repeatability
  • Hardware upgrades and data centre installations
  • Hardware testing and performance tuning
  • Low level TCP debugging for diagnosing errors and latency issues
  • Monitoring systems to proactively prevent issues arising
  • Design well documented, simple and elegant systems which are easily supportable