Software Delivery Manager


LMAX Group is a FinTech company that designs, develops, builds and runs leading edge financial exchanges in major financial centres around the world, specialising in fiat and crypto-currencies.

The Software Delivery Manager is responsible for:

  • Organisation and day to day running of the Development Teams.
  • Coaching and mentoring staff at all levels, helping them grow their skills and knowledge
  • Facilitating and enabling the Development Team to be as productive as possible
  • Ensuring the Development Team understands and is aligned with the company’s goals.
  • Driving necessary process change across the department and company.
  • Putting in place good practices to ensure co-ordination of multiple technology teams across several time zones.

Main Duties & Responsibilities


  • Responsible for management and career development within the Development Team, including direct line management of some senior development staff.
  • Making sure the development team is a happy and productive place to work - coordinating the Development Team's activities, helping the team work efficiently and removing blockers.
  • Act as a point of contact for the Development team, both internally and externally and have the proven ability to tailor messaging and communicate effectively with non technical, senior staff.
  • Report on the status of development projects, quality, and system performance & reliability.
  • Facilitates team-wide meetings, stand-ups, retrospectives. Facilitate the standardisation of outcomes across multiple (occasionally cross functional) teams. Mainstream:
  • Fosters LMAX’s culture and best practices, upholding standards of agility (designing for change), collaboration, automation, testing, ownership & accountability.
  • Guide complex projects involving multiple internal stakeholders and third parties.
  • Own the developer recruitment process, growing the team at a sustainable pace, anticipating the skills mix required to deliver product across the different business lines.
  • Ensure consistency of career development, progression, hiring, and compensation decisions.


Once more advanced into the role::

  • Help product, business, and technology leadership plan backlogs and milestones to make the best use of Development Team’s capacity.
  • Promotes continuous improvement, driving productivity, innovation, and scalability - strengthening LMAX Group’s development processes.

Success Looks Like:

  • Positive feedback from across technology and the wider business.
  • Milestone plans achieved in terms of stories delivered to production.
  • Agile & Responsive Development Team meeting the needs of the business.
  • Scaling the team without degradation to department performance.
  • Implement, monitor and improve company wide delivery metrics

LMAX Group is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks to ensure that we continue to attract applications from a diverse range of candidates to reflect the diversity that already exists across the organisation.

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