At LMAX Group our goal is to:

Build a world class culture that inspires people to create a positive impact both at work and beyond. That’s why we are wholeheartedly committed to Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental action.

Through our partnerships with charities such as Kensington & Chelsea Foundation we are able to make a difference in the local communities in which we operate, creating a positive impression for people at all stages of life and from all backgrounds.

On a global scale, we have forged a recent partnership with The Philippine Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. to inspire people to take action for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Kensington & Chelsea Foundation community impact:

Since Spring 2020, LMAX Group and the Kensington + Chelsea Foundation have worked in partnership to provide critical services and support to over 40,000 local residents. This includes:

The Spear Programme

An initiative aimed at helping young people who are facing barriers into work or education. Through company visits, career workshops, mock interviews, and education the programme helps to build confidence, motivation and the vital skills needed to succeed in long-term employment.

Young people who complete the programme and remain in full employment 75%

Refettorio Felix Project

A meal service in London which serves a 3-course, sit-down lunch to homeless and vulnerable people every day. The aim of this service is to restore dignity and allows those in need to build trusted relationships to get further access to beneficial services.

Harrow Youth Club

Aiding in making the Club fit for purpose, an institution that makes the lives of local children and young people better through a range of activities aimed at developing valuable life skills.

The Moving On Up Club

Working with primary school children who are facing barriers such as learning difficulties, neglect, lack of role models, etc. and offer them tutoring and emotional support.

West London Zone

A successful Link Worker model which supports 90+ children by working alongside family members to improve academic, social and emotional well-being.

SOS Projects

  • Supporting 17,000 residents with emergency response funds during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Providing 12 months of tailored mental health support for 58 children struggling after successive lockdowns.
  • A breakfast club providing a nutritious start to the day for 270 children locally.
  • A befriending and mentoring scheme working with 23 vulnerable families to provide one to one support.
  • 2 ‘Christmas in a Box’ projects, delivering food and toys to over 19,000 residents who were isolated or in financial difficulty.

LMAX Group Security Analyst Max Pinfield decided to develop and launch a six week coding camp. The aim of the course was simple: give young people an introduction to programming and teach them enough fundamentals to help them progress into more formal training or a career in computing.

The Philippine Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. impact:

LMAX Group and PRRCFI are working together towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through four strategic areas:

Conservation, Research & Regeneration

Raising awareness for protecting and sustaining the ecosystem through research produced by citizen scientists.

Sustainability & Community Development

Empowering women to participate and benefit from sustainable tourism in order to create sustainable livelihood for over 50 households through agriculture and fisheries.


Funding scholarships and marine camps so all demographics can know, love and protect the environment.

Environmental Impact

reducing plastic pollution and supporting sea wardens for front-line conservation.