Senior Software Developer (Future Finance)


LMAX is renowned for its high-performance, ultra-low latency (we measure in microseconds) exchange written in core Java. We constantly push technology further than most, especially in our greenfield projects. Together, we will be driving the financial industry in new directions.


Finance is going to be tokenised through the use of blockchain technologies. We want to be at the forefront of that wave, working with the institutions to build efficient, regulated and fair markets. We have gone from one developer to a small team over the last year and have already built a brand new trading solution, taking the best of centralised liquidity and decentralised security. It is live on public blockchains, we're not just prototyping. Our vision is a lot more than just this, so we need to grow into multiple teams as we shape the future of the financial landscape. Our roadmap is heavily developer driven, with CEO buy in, meaning you can substantially influence the direction of the project.


Developers are encouraged to constantly develop and learn new skills. Pair programming supports continual growth of knowledge and sharing of expertise. Friday afternoons are set aside as personal development time where you can explore new languages, research bleeding edge technologies, or even come up with brand new projects pushing the boundaries of finance. There is regular time to improve developer experience and reduce technical debt.


Our continuous integration and testing culture allows us to have confidence in our builds and develop quickly. We have already built a suite of new tools to maintain this mission with our dynamic tech stack. Continuous Delivery was pioneered at LMAX (one of the authors worked here while writing the book). Due to pair programming and testing we don’t do pull requests, we push directly to our monorepo with a “revert first, ask questions later” attitude.


If you want to work in an environment that follows great developer practices such as fast feedback across all aspects of your work, a cooperative culture, and only shipping things when they’re ready, while being at the heart of the finance revolution, then the LMAX future finance team is for you!


What you should expect:


  • Collaborative office environment with constant pairing and plenty of social activities.
  • Work across the stack to solve a problem – From building a new exchange one day and creating new financial products through the use of smart contracts the next. We do it all, and do it properly.
  • Regular opportunities to learn and develop yourself with internal tech talks, ability to travel to conferences, and dedicated time for your personal development.


What you’ll be working with:


  • Backend: Distributed, event-driven core Java 21 (80% of the code-base), MySQL, Kafka, Solidity (EVM Smart Contracts), Rust (Solana Smart Contracts)
  • Frontend: Javascript, Vue.js
  • Deployment: Kubernetes, AWS
  • Testing: JUnit, Hardhat, Jenkins, Selenium, many in-house tools…
  • OS: Linux


The LMAX way is to use the right tool for the job so this is just a flavour of what you’ll be working with and isn’t a list of requirements!


  • Be passionate about software development. Bad code offends you!
  • Work in a dynamic environment enabled by fast feedback; the heart of our ethos
  • Pair programming in small teams of developers and testers (who also write code)
  • Share knowledge and learn from like-minded peers
  • Write performant, reliable, and well tested code – shipping only when it’s ready
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United Kingdom
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