Senior Systems Engineer



LMAX Group is a FinTech company that designs, develops, builds and runs leading edge financial exchanges in major financial centres around the world, specialising in fiat and crypto-currencies.

We want an energetic and passionate engineer to bring new skills and perspectives to complement our Technical Operations department.  We are made up of Systems, Networks and Security Specialists whose job is to build and maintain LMAX's infrastructure, enforce regulatory compliance, and provide a stable platform for our state-of-the-art trading engine.

 The range of responsibility for our team is broad:  from tuning operating systems to cloud automation, from packets on a wire to global connectivity, from Python scripting to large analytical simulations.  We’re given high level milestones and the freedom to discuss, design, and deliver platforms upon which our entire business operates.

 Senior Engineers drive improvements and change in a culture of personal responsibility and autonomy. Senior Engineers are key to delivery through automation, providing direction on how milestones are delivered, and providing input into future roadmaps.

This role is the first Systems Engineer position based in our New York Office.  You would be expected to visit our New York data centre from time to time.  There may also be a minor amount of desktop support and Windows in this office, when the global Windows team isn’t able to cover.

The salary range for this position is 110,000 - 180,00USD per year.


This should describe you

•         You’ve managed large scale technical projects before, and mentored junior colleagues.

•         You have experience with all levels of infrastructure; from the AWS CLI to the lower levels of Linux.

•         You are a generalist with a DevOps / automation-first mindset.

•         You love to learn, and you don’t shy away from responsibility.  If the task requires rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, you’re in. 

You will have these key skills

•         Strong Linux skills – building, configuring, monitoring, automating (CentOS, Fedora, RHEL Derivatives).

•         Worked with Infrastructure-as-Code practices and tooling, and in a DevOps culture (Puppet, Ansible, Terraform).

•         Strong communication and self-organisation skills, project management.

You will bring some of these skills, but more importantly you're interested in some of the others

•         Configuration management (Puppet, Ansible)

•         Scripting experience (Bash, Python, Ruby)

•         Data-driven monitoring and observability (Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Elastic)

•         Infrastructure design, architecture, and planning

•         Supporting CI/CD delivery pipelines using GitLab, Jenkins, etc.

•         Hardware & physical infrastructure

•         Familiar with Cloud technology (AWS)

What you and the team will be doing

•         Support, monitoring and reliability of our ultra low latency trading platform

•         Automation that increases the efficiency of the team

•         Design well documented, simple and elegant systems which are easily supportable

•         Provisioning physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure for a wide variety of requirements

•         Pair working with Systems, Networks, and Security Specialists

•         Puppet development and testing in a continuous deployment process

•         Low level TCP debugging for diagnosing errors and latency issues

•         Scripting and automating processes to ensure consistency and repeatability

•         Monitoring systems to proactively prevent issues arising

•         Hardware upgrades and data centre installations

•         Business As Usual support and resolution of incidents

•         Infrequent support for Windows desktop and server environments

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