Technical Operations Manager


LMAX Group is a FinTech company that designs, develops, builds and runs leading edge financial exchanges in major financial centres around the world, specialising in fiat and crypto-currencies.

About the Role:

The Technical Operations Manager is responsible for:

  • Organisation and day to day running of the technical operations teams.
  • Coaching staff at all levels, helping them grow their skills and knowledge.
  • Facilitating and enabling the productivity of the technical operations teams.
  • Ensuring the technical operations teams understand and are aligned with the company’s goals.
  • Analysis of operational tasks and incidents to guide improvements and investments.
  • Ensure processes and procedures are fit for purpose, widely understood, and followed, across teams in multiple time zones.

Main Duties & Responsibilities Core:

  • Responsible for management and career development within the technical operations teams.
  • Able to lead project management functions, including budgeting, commercial negotiations, resourcing and time management.
  • Making sure the team is a happy and productive place to work - coordinating the teams activities, helping the team work efficiently and removing blockers.
  • Act as a primary point of contact for the technical operations team, both internally and externally. • Define and facilitate task assignment, prioritisation, and scheduling across the operational teams.
  • Analysis of operational workloads and tasks, looking for areas for optimisation.
  • Support Team Leads with the performance objectives of their staff.
  • Following Agile Methodology best practice, facilitate stand-ups and retrospectives. Mainstream:
  • Foster LMAX’s culture and best practices, upholding standards of agility (designing for change), collaboration, automation, testing, ownership & accountability.
  • Foster a culture of “automation first” and “everyone can work on anything” in the technical operations team.
  • Ensure processes and procedures are aligned to ITIL methodology and remain fit for purpose.
  • Own the technical operations teams recruitment process, growing the teams, anticipating skills shortages, and interfacing with internal and external recruitment parties.
  • Good documentation skills to ensure knowledge sharing, capable of describing complex problems to non-technical staff.
  • Engage in the audit planning cycle and support the wider Enterprise Risk Management objectives. Ensure operational risks are identified and controls introduced. LMAX Group


Once more advanced into the role:

  • Helps product, business, and technology leadership plan backlogs and milestones to make the best use of Technical Operations team capacity.
  • A continuous improvement, “ahead of the curve”, approach to technical operations teams services; anticipating what our business needs before being asked.
  • Responsibility for planning regular operational events such as Business Continuity exercises.
  • Success Looks Like:
  • Positive feedback from the rest of technology and across the business.
  • Milestone plan achieved in terms of stories delivered to production.
  • Close to zero outages and a low level of production issues.
  • Growing technical operations teams while maintaining performance objectives.
  • Passing annual audits without actions being raised to the technical operations teams

LMAX Group is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks to ensure that we continue to attract applications from a diverse range of candidates to reflect the diversity that already exists across the organisation.

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